Paint Color Consultation

Kathy Cooper Color Consultation Home Office Winston-Salem NC

"Color courage is an intuitive skill that I have developed from years of painting and playing with color. I can go into my client's home, study the room and understand what they would like to achieve by adding a painted rug or by adding color to the walls. This skill has allowed me to help them create their own environments through vision and the addition of color." - Kathy Cooper

Create Energy in Your Home or Office with Color

Have you been agonizing over paint swatches for months?

Usually the hardest decorating decision is selecting paint color. With thousands of colors and brands to choose from and magazines and TV shows encouraging us to experiment, it is no wonder we are overwhelmed.

Let me help you overcome your fear of selecting paint color for your home or office.

Use the color expertise of nationally recognized floorcloth artist Kathy Cooper. Kathy began painting floorcloths thirty years ago. Known for her use of color she also trained with the International Color Consultants of North America.

$175.00 includes a two hour session. Follow up time can be scheduled hourly as needed. Contact me today for your appointment or call me now at 336-245-3130!

See below for just a few examples of color consultation projects I have completed for residential and commerical customers.

Example - Massage Office Color Consulting

Before - Drab and Uninspiring
After - Stunning and Cozy

"When I first saw this room I felt it was drab and uninspiring. I needed a new office, was working under pressure to move and could not imagine it would be as nice as the one I was leaving. To my surprise it ended up being not only the best office I've ever had but the nicest one I've ever seen and my clients agree! My early color impression was to go for green (my favorite default color) but the tobacco/mocha tiles in the fireplace inspired Kathy to suggest chocolate as an alternate. We picked several paint swatches to try and I painted them on each wall to see how they looked. The greens just did not look right and with Kathy's encouragement and support I picked the chocolate. She promised that with enough white the room would be stunning and the dark chocolate walls would create a cozy feeling. Kathy also helped me with lighting and accessories to create a space that was not only spa like and relaxing but magical. I love my new office!"

Color Consulting for Interiors Residential Commercial Kathy Cooper Color Consulting for Interiors Residential Commercial Kathy Cooper

Example - Living Room & Dining Room Color Consulting

Before - Beige walls and no chair rail in the dining room
After - Colors and chair rail complimentary to furnishings

"Thanks for the color courage Kathy! It would have been awfully hard to navigate if I hadn't had your help and expertise. I knew I wanted a putty green in my living room but my husband had always picked my colors. You helped me see the colors of my furnishings and select the colors that complimented them. I would never have thought to pick the rose in the dining room from the oriental rug on the floor but it works beautifully and adding the white chair rail at the bottom just set it off. The next room I am going to concentrate on is the "alligator room." I can't go wrong with that because it begins with a Kathy Cooper masterpiece!"