Kathy Cooper is a full-time floorcloth artist and author of two books The Complete Book of Floorcloths and The Weekend Crafter: Painting Floorcloths. Kathy  produces original hand-painted floorcloths in custom designs for clients, designers and selected galleries.

Kathy Cooper, Artist

Kathy Cooper is a nationally recognized floorcloth artist, producing original hand-painted rugs in custom designs. She now offers a new print line at a fraction of the cost of her custom hand painted work. She is the author of two best-selling books on floorcloths.

Try one of my workshops and learn how to make your very own custom floorcloth! Visit me at an art show and see my work in person. Bring your colors and measurements for custom ordering on the spot.

What are Floorcloths?

Floorcloths are paintings crafted into rugs ... a good marriage of art and craft.

Kathy Cooper floorcloths depict whimsical graphic images in rich, wonderful colors. "My designs are primarily about color and how it relates to the adjacent color. My images come from my personal experiences, the garden, my kids and all of the visual stimulation around me. I enjoy the response of my customers when they are inspired by the colors, when they respond to the energy color gives."

A floorcloth is made of simple materials; canvas, paints and sealants, yet a well-constructed floorcloth will provide years of pleasure and hold up to substantial use. Floorcloths can be custom designed and custom colored at no extra cost.

View photo gallery for recent work and customer photos and learn how to order a custom floorcloth for your home.

What's New?

Buy It Now ... Printed Art Floor Mats for Your Home
Kathy Cooper Original Designs are now available in a new print line at a fraction of the cost of her custom hand painted work. Now in the second generation these mats and runners are even more durable and easier to clean. These padded art floor mats and runners are perfect for your kitchen, bath, doorway or any place in your home where you need a pop of color and art.

Kathy Cooper Art Floor Mats for Your Home

Follow Kathy Cooper Floorcloths's board How to Use a Floorcloth! on Pinterest Pinterest Kathy Cooper Floorcloths Follow me on Pinterest for great suggestions. When I am showing my work to someone new the first question I hear is "Where would I use a floorcloth?" or "How do you clean a floorcloth?" So here are pictures of different ways to use a floorcloth. As always the dirt just mops off!

Yoga Mats
I am very excited to introduce the first designs in my yoga mat series. I have been practicing yoga for several years to keep my body flexible after I paint all day. The names of the yoga poses were intriguing to me and I became inspired to paint the poses using the names as part of the design. More poses are in the works.

Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats

Color Consultation
Have you been agonizing over paint swatches for months? Let me help you overcome your fear of selecting paint color for your home or office. After numerous requests from clients, I now offer color consultations for homes and commercial spaces.

Kathy Cooper Shows and Workshops